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St. Paul Surgical Technician Schools

Surgical tech schools in St. Paul can help you prepare to become a surgical technician in a local hospital surgery department or outpatient surgery center. Explore the St. Paul area surgical tech schools below to see which program is right for you.

Surgical Tech Schools in or near St. Paul, MN

About Surgical Technician Careers in St. Paul

If you are considering a career in the medical field, you might want to look into becoming a Surgical Technician. The position gives you the opportunity to work closely with surgeons, doctors, registered nurses, and other hospital staff . Helping to save lives can be a very rewarding opportunity. Many people want to become doctors and nurses but there is also a great need for more Surgical Technicians. Become a part of a winning team when the patients and their families thank you for a job well done.

A Surgical Technician is responsible for many tasks in the surgery room. They will be required to prepare the patient for surgery, sterilize and lay out all instruments, needles, supplies for surgery. They will assist the surgeon, registered nurses, and other staff in the operating room. They may be asked to help place bandages, gauze, ot other topical material on open or closed wounds, or openings made by the surgeon. The staff in the operating room has to work as a team so it takes special people to be able to work well together side by side for what might be hours at a time.

Wages For A Surgical Technician in St. Paul

Most people go into the healthcare field because they want to make their mark in the world and do something important with their lives. They want to make a difference by helping to save lives and make people feel better. Of course the wages are an added bonus to the occupation and makes it all worthwhile. The Surgical Technician can feel good about the role they are playing in saving lives and helping others and also know they can survive on the wages they will be making. It is a win, win situation for them.The average salary for a Surgical Technician working in the St. Paul area can be around $50,230 a year. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)