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Connecticut Surgical Technician Schools

Becoming a surgical technician in Connecticut can take up to two years. Most employers require a two year associate degree in surgical technology. There are also certificate programs that require a 9 month commitment. The best promotional opportunities usually go to those that have a bachelor’s degree in surgery technology. Surgical technicians with a bachelor’s degree have a more advanced knowledge of the field and can move up the ladder more rapidly.

Entrance into a surgical technology program requires a high school diploma or equivalent. During high school, it is helpful to take classes in math, chemistry, biology, and anatomy.

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About Surgical Technician Careers in Connecticut

Surgery is a highly complex medical procedure that requires a skillful team of medical professionals. The serious nature of surgery requires the medical team to act quickly and accurately. Furthermore, all members serve a specific function in the surgery process. Surgical technicians play a critical part in this equation. They support the surgeon, nurses, and other members of the team. These professionals make sure the surgery environment is sterile and well organized.

Emotional stability and the ability to follow directions quickly are two attributes that result in a good surgical technician. In addition, surgical technicians must be able to handle graphic images and strong odors. The surgery room is no place for a weak stomach. As a surgical technician, you make a huge difference in the lives of people everyday. A good surgical technician adds to a smooth and successful surgical procedure.

Surgical Technician Salaries

Since surgery is a highly skilled career area, surgical technicians make a good living. Connecticut surgical techs earn an average of $52,830 per year. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Work Environment in Surgical Technician Jobs

Most surgical technicians work a 40 hour week; however, you can be on call from time to time. The working environment is in the hospital. Thus, a cool, clean environment is the setting for your work. Standing is a necessity; therefore, the ability to stand for long periods of time is necessary.

Financial Aid

Many students qualify for financial aid awards. It is critical to turn in a FAFSA application before April 15 of the year you plan to attend school. Once you select a school, you should have your FAFSA application forwarded to this institution. Financial aid counselors can assist you with securing grants and loans.