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Hospitals, physicians, and other medical facilities nationwide demand qualified surgical techs for placement in the operating room and private offices. For every surgeon position, there are at least 5 employed surgical techs. Search open jobs below to see what is available.

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About Surgical Tech Employment

Unlike with other medical professions, it is not prohibitively difficult to become a surgical technologist. It is possible to launch a new career as a surgical technologist and ensure a sound future with only a high school diploma. Whether you're or a health care professional ready to move into a new field, training to work as a surgical technologist is a smart choice for your future.

Statistics and Salary

Job growth for surgical technicians is projected to grow faster than average through 2014. The aging of the general population and advancing of medical techniques ensure an increased number of operations in the coming years.

Surgeons prefer to work with trained, certified surgical technologists and require an operating room staffed with a minimum of 5 surgical techs for every surgeon. In 2006 there were 86,000 positions available for surgical technologists. A large number of the positions were in hospitals, but surgical techs are also required for work in the offices of dentists and family physicians.

A large benefit to working as a surgical tech is compensation. The skill and technique needed to perform the duties of a surgical tech is well-rewarded, though the amount will depend upon experience and responsibilities. The highest paid surgical technologists collect over $40,000 a year for their services The median income is about $31,000 a year. It is possible to move into new specializations and health care positions as you gain experience and education.

Searching For Surgical Tech Jobs

Once you've graduated from an accredited school, you are ready to start looking for work right away.

If you've participated in an externship, hands-on work experience in a local surgical room supervised by a qualified instructor, the hospital may have positions available to you. Many employers prefer to choose from a pool of candidates they have previously worked with. Most schools also have career centers that can assist you in finding an open position at a local hospital.

Speak to a career counselor or a professor for more employment ideas. You might also check online. The popularity of the surgical tech career path means most major employment search engines will have many open positions for you to peruse.

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