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South Dakota Surgical Technician Schools

You can become a board certified surgical technician after obtaining a 2 year associate degree from one of the surgical tech schools in South Dakota. You can also earn a certificate, which takes about 9 months to finish. See what surgical tech schools in South Dakota are available near you.

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About Surgical Technician Schools in South Dakota

Surgical technicians work with the surgeons, nurses, and other medical staff during surgery. These technicians must pay close attention to the needs of the physicians. They must have the ability to anticipate the next actions of the surgeon. Although they play a supporting role, their role is crucial to the overall success of the medical procedure. The surgical technician works with the surgeon assistant to count sponges and other supplies. They are totally responsible for maintaining the sterile field in the operating room. Many times they must assist staff with putting on surgical gear.

Surgical technicians must pay attention to the actual surgery. They must anticipate what the surgeon will need next. Oftentimes, the surgical tech also helps with suction and other surgery related procedures. Surgery requires a highly coordinated effort from all medical team members. A simple error can be deadly; thus, surgical technicians should possess a certain personality type to be successful. This field is not for everyone; however, many surgical technicians absolutely love their jobs. You must do a careful evaluation of what things you enjoy and your natural skills. Detailed research is key when choosing any profession.

Surgical Technician Salaries in South Dakota

Surgical technicians are some of the highest paid technicians in the medical field. Surgery is very detail-oriented and requires a certain skill set. The average surgical technician living in South Dakota can expect to earn about $36,920 a year. Although this rate can change with experience and specialization education. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

Students are urged to apply for financial aid in early spring. Many awards are issued on a first come basis. You must submit a FAFA form by the stated deadline. You can check with Department of Education on this deadline.