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Kansas Surgical Technician Schools

Here are a some accredited surgical tech schools in Kansas that offer surgical technician training programs.

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Surgical Technician’s Responsibilities

The Surgical Technician plays a very important role in the emergency room before and during surgeries. The Technician is responsible for preparing the patient for surgery. They will assist the surgeon, registered nurses, and other surgical personnel. Their duties involve sterilizing the supplies, instruments, and needles. They will assist in bandaging the patient when needed. They help prepare, take care of, and dispose of specimens taken for the lab. It is very important that the Surgical Technician work well with the other staff because the patient depends on everyone in the operating room, not just the surgeon. Each one in that room has their own responsibilities and it is important that they fulfill those duties for the safety ans survival of the patient. The families waiting on their loved one are also depending on everyone in that room so it is a very important position to have. The success of the surgery depends on everyone in the operating room. People depend on you so you are fulfilling a job that can be stressful as well as rewarding.

Surgical Technician’s Wages

The average salary for Kansan surgical techs is approximately $41,080 per year. The wages depend on the location and size of hospital or health facility. Most of the higher paying positions are in large cities and they too will vary. It seems that many graduates head for the large cities such as Wichita where there is a great demand for Surgical Technicians. There is also a need in the smaller cities and towns because they also have hospitals and people who need medical attention. Some medical graduates prefer the small town atmosphere and will take less in salaries to enjoy their lives more with less stress. Less traffic, less surgeries, overall less stressful environment. The choice is yours and if the job are there for the asking. The patient will be grateful no matter where you are. The wages will also depend on whether you received an associates degree or a certificate or diploma. The amount of time you spend in school will determine your future and how much you can make. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)