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Wisconsin Surgical Technician Schools

Surgical tech schools in Wisconsin range from 9 months to 24 months. The associate level degree normally requires two years of study. The certificate level program can be finished in 9 months. A four year degree can also be obtained. Scrubs that get a four year degree plan to climb the career ladder quickly.

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About Surgical Technician Jobs in Wisconsin

The surgical technician profession first evolved from medics on the battlefield in WWI and WWII. During this period in history, nurses were not allowed on the battlefield. Thus, medics performed tasks related to surgery. Surgical technicians must have a stable mind. They must not be absent minded. Also, surgical technicians must not get queasy at the sight of blood or human organs. These professionals must be able to remain calm under high pressure situations. In addition, these professionals must be able to make good decisions under pressure.

Surgical technicians must also be able to adhere to deadlines. The operating room has to be ready at the designated time. Thus, surgical technicians need to be able to work quickly and correctly. Surgical techs work with many other medical professionals. Often, they work in close quarters and stand for long periods of time. Furthermore, surgical technicians spend an enormous amount of time in the operating room. Surgical techs have a variety of duties. They contribute significantly to the overall success of the operation. Errors in judgment can cause serious complications for the patient and medical staff. This profession can be very rewarding. Many surgical techs enjoy their jobs enormously. They know they make a difference every day in the life of a human being.

Another name for surgical technicians, scrubs, is frequently used interchangeably. The scrubs work a 40 hour week. Some weekends and holidays may be required. Also, a scrub may be on call from time-to time.

Surgical Technician Salaries in Wisconsin

The average Wisconsin surgical technician earns about $48,570 a year. Those that seek to advance further, they train to become a circulating technician. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

The internet can be a great tool for locating grant money. Grants are financial awards that do not need to be repaid. The financial aid process is initiated by forwarding the FAFSA application to the federal government education department.