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Nebraska Surgical Technician Schools

In two short years, you can be on your way to a rewarding career in surgery at one of the surgical tech schools in Nebraska. Some colleges offer certificate programs after a 9 month surgery technology program. Employers are more likely to hire those with an associate’s degree; however, other candidates do obtain jobs in the field.

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About Surgical Technician Jobs in Nebraska

Surgeons are among the highest paid medical professionals in the healthcare industry. These highly competent doctors have a great supporting cast. You can compare the process of surgery to a film. Each actor must step in on cue and perform their part. A wrong cue could ruin the whole show. Surgical technicians are a part of this supporting cast. They step onto the scene before anyone else arrives. They are the ones that get the stage ready for the main action. They carefully check all props and tools necessary to carry out the film. Surgery is a well coordinated process. Surgical technicians make sure the surgeon and others have the right tool at the right time.

Do you consider yourself to be organized and thorough? Can you look at blood without passing out? Maybe, you belong in this production. Your name could be rolled on the list of credits. Do you want to make a big difference in the world? Do you want to have financial security? A career as a surgical technician could make all of your dreams come true.

These healthcare professionals are involved with every part of the surgery process. They get the patient ready for the operation. Sometimes they transport the patient to the room. Every part of the process is touched by the surgical technician.

Surgical Technician Salaries in Nebraska

The average salary for Nebraskan surgical technicians is approximately $40,590 per year or $19.52 an hour. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

Grants and scholarships are a perfect way to finance your education. You many qualify for many programs offered through federal, state, and local government. Mail or submit online applications to the Federal Education Department.