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Las Vegas Surgical Technician Schools

There are several surgical tech schools in Las Vegas, NV where you can train to become a surgical technician in a hospital or surgical setting. These schools usually offer two-year associate degree programs or one-year certificate programs in surgical technology, where students study subjects such as anatomy and physiology, surgical practices, and other relevant topics.

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Surgical Tech Schools in or near Las Vegas, NV

About Surgery Technologist Careers in Las vegas

Surgical Technicians, sometimes called Scrubs, prepare the patient for surgery by prepping the area on which the surgery is to be preformed, including shaving this area, arranging instruments and making sure equipment is working properly prior to surgery, standing by during surgery to monitor the patients vital signs, and helping move the patient to the recovery area. Restocking supplies in the operating room after surgery while keeping a sterile environment at all times. Strength and agility to exert up to 100 pounds of pressure at least once and 50 pounds several times are needed to perform this position, you need to not be bothered by the sight of blood also. Surgeons and registered nurses supervise the surgical technician in their duties.

Surgical Technicians will find work in hospitals, doctor or dental offices, birthing centers, ambulatory surgery centers and with specialty teams.

Salary Potential

A Surgical Tech in Las Vegas, Nevada earns about $26.83 per hour. This works out to be about $55,800 a year. An entry level candidate would start at the lower earnings while someone on a specialty team would earn considerably more. As a surgical tech gains experience they will find it easier to find higher pay scales, plus areas in more advanced levels of medical care open to them. University Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, prefers two years work experience as a Surgery Technologist in a hospital setting for new hires. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Student Aid

You must be registered in your program of study, before you are eligible to apply for financial aid, once you have registered you can fill out the application forms for the different types of aid available. Aid is granted depending on your family’s financial situation. Plus High-Tech Institute offers its own loan program making another option available for your consideration.