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Surgical Technologist Schools

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Houston Surgical Technician Schools

A two-year associate degree from one of the surgical tech schools in Houston is the best chance to become a professional surgical technician. Nine-month surgical technician certificate programs are also available. Explore the list of Houston surgical tech schools below to see what’s available near you.

Surgical Technician Schools in or near Houston

About Surgical Technician Jobs

Everyday medical advancements are discovered. New surgeries are developed, and problems that could not be cured years ago are treatable. The medical industry evolves quickly and healthcare professionals have to keep their education current to stay abreast of the latest inventions. Surgical technicians are also expected to stay current in the latest techniques. These professionals must learn new instruments and equipment. They have to stay on top of their profession. Surgical technicians have a huge responsibility in the surgery process. Their expertise helps the surgeon and nurses effectively perform their tasks. Each person in the operating room must be in the right place at the right time.

Surgical teams often coordinate their actions. Complicated surgeries require more planning and coordination. Surgical technicians stand right beside the surgeon. These professionals act as the right hand of the doctor. They must be keenly aware of what the doctor will need. Timing is crucial in the surgery process. Errors are too costly and deadly. Surgical technicians must take every precaution to keep the operating room bacteria free. Infection can cause huge problems for the patient and doctor. After the procedure is finished, surgical technicians play a part in the clean up process.

Surgical Technician Salaries in Houston

The average surgical tech salary in Houston is approximately $45,640 per year. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

Your financial aid package will be determined by your EFC and other factors. It is a smart idea to check with your institution’s financial aid officer about specific programs.