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Surgical Technologist Schools

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Charlotte Surgical Technician Schools

Most surgical tech schools in Charlotte require a high school diploma or equivalent. Some Charlotte surgical techs earn their associates degree after attending a two-year program, but diploma and certification programs are also available. Most programs take anywhere from nine to twenty-four months to complete. Courses will include classroom studies along with clinical hands-on experience. Required courses include anatomy and physiology, microbiology, medical terminology and more. The student will also gain the knowledge of handling supplies, sterilization techniques and surgical procedures.

Surgical Tech Schools in or near Charlotte, NC

Surgical Technician Careers in Charlotte

While the growth rate of Charlotte, N.C. continues to rise, due to it’s large business industry, the demand for surgical technicians will also continue to rise. The Department Of Labor estimates that the occupation of surgical techs will increase rapidly by the year 2016, growing faster than many other jobs.

Surgical Technicians in the Charlotte area are an important part of the surgical staff. Their responsibilities include preparing the patient for surgery, transporting the patient to the operating room, washing and sterilizing equipment, preparing the operating room for the procedure, passing instruments to the surgeon or assistants, checking the patients vital signs, holding retractors and cutting sutures. They are also responsible for maintaining records of the surgical procedure, restocking the supplies, cleaning and sterilizing the operation room after the surgery and preparing collected specimens for lab analysis.

Average Wages For Surgical Techs in Charlotte

According to recent government reporting, the average salary for a surgical technician working in the Charlotte area is approximately $39,870 per year or $19.17 an hour. This can change depending on the type of facility the tech is employed at and can increase with experience. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid

Schools in the Charlotte area offer financial aid for those who qualify. Speaking with the school’s financial administrator is suggested. They specialize in helping students get loans or grant money to assist with tuition, and will direct the student through the entire process of qualifying, filling out and filing the application, and keeping the student updated on the process.