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New York Surgical Technician Schools

Right now in the state of New York, the healthcare field is experiencing rapid growth, and demand for qualified surgical technicians is on the rise. Those who are interested in pursuing careers in this field should look into surgical tech schools in New York. Listed below are some of New York’s surgical technician schools.

New York Surgical Tech Schools Enrolling Now

Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences

Welcome to the Swedish Institute’s College of Health Sciences. The Institute was founded in 1916 as the Swedish Institute of Physiotherapy and is the oldest continuously operating massage therapy institution in the country.

The college is proud of its long-standing program in massage therapy, which now leads to an Associate in Occupational Studies degree, and has since also added degree programs in Advanced Personal Training, Medical Assisting, Surgical Technology and Nursing. We have recently received approval to offer a 32 semester credit hour Certificate in Personal Training. As we approach our 100th anniversary, we pledge to continue to offer programs of the same quality that made our massage therapy program a landmark in healthcare education.

  • New York, NY
  • Surgical Technologist

About Surgical Technician Careers in New York

Surgical technicians in New York can be expected to make healthy salaries, the average being about $46,640 per year. These are jobs that offer good insurance, and you can be sure that your family is well cared for. The job comes with stressful conditions and requires clear thinking and accurate judgment, so those who possess these qualities or are willing to learn them are prime candidates for this sort of work. The healthcare industry is continuing to experience growth in New York, and even more so with the new healthcare bill passed into law. Now is the time to seize upon the opportunity to enter the exciting field of medicine. Those with a heart for others and a compassionate attitude towards his fellow man along with a cooperative attitude are well suited to the job of being surgical technicians. This job requires years of study and training, learning medical terminology, current technology, anatomy, and recent as well as past discoveries in the field of surgical medicine. A tolerance for working well under stress and handling blood and other bodily fluids is a necessary part of the job, and those who are able to keep themselves under control for long periods of time will do well. Qualified individuals can expect an increase in salary over time in this occupation, and a good memory as well as a capacity to learn will help you in order to keep your edge. (Figures courtesy of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment & Wages database.)

Financial Aid Information

There are multiple scholarships available for training in this field, as well as federal aid. Those interested in applying should obtain a FASA application online. You should also contact a financial aid officer for more information at the school you are inquiring about.